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Let me tell you, which timer is best for you?

Every day we eat frogs and use the Pomodoro, we all use timers. A good timer can make you more focused on Pomodoro.

Timer comparison

  1. Watch

Watches and clocks are the most traditional timepieces. Its advantage is that it can be used without barriers anytime and anywhere without affecting others. Its disadvantage is that it cannot be timed, and you have no way to accurately grasp the time.

  1. Alarm clock

The alarm clocks I am talking about here include timer clocks, watches, etc. Suitable for use when alone. It can set the deadline, but it needs to be set repeatedly, which is quite troublesome.

  1. Mobile

There are clocks, alarms, and Pomodoro app on your phone. Now the WeChat widget also has Pomodoro. The ringing mode can also have multiple modes, which can be used alone or in public environments. But it is my least recommended timer. Because the mobile phone is one of the things most likely to interfere with modern people. When you pay attention to it in time, it is often difficult to have self-control to prevent yourself from looking at other things. Of course, if you are fairly self-disciplined and set the mute, then your phone is a good choice as a Pomodoro timer.

  1. Pomodoro
Pomodoro (tomato) technique is a study method that helps avoiding procrastination using a kitchen timer

This is the Pomodoro rewarded by the class teacher. The appearance is very cute. The biggest advantage of this classic timepiece is that there is a tick-tick sound when you move, which gives you a sense of urgency and will focus involuntarily. And the bell is loud and short, which reminds me very well. But it just needs to keep adjusting. Give it to children alone, if possible, just adjust and play. So it is suitable for adults or parent-child use.

  1. Countdown timer

Countdown timer can be set to countdown time, with memory function, so there is no need to set repeatedly. But if it is used as a Pomodoro 25+5 minute setting, it needs to be set repeatedly. Generally, countdown timers also have positive timing functions, so they can also be used as ordinary clocks.

  1. Cycle timer

This is a timer that fitness coaches often use. I also found it after watching fitness videos and getting tips. This timer can set two sets of countdown timers and cycle timing. For example, if you want to use three Pomodoros, you can set a 25-minute and a 5-minute countdown, then set 3 groups, and you can start using it. The use process can be moved without any action. You can also set the number of groups to a maximum of 99, so that every time you finish eating the frogs, just press the shutdown button, and use it next time without setting it again. The only flaw is that there is no classic tick.


The time-keeping tools I have used in my examples are all time-keeping tools that I have actually used. Your watch or Pomodoro is electronic and also has other functions. The purpose of comparison is to tell everyone that there are many choices, there is no best, only the most suitable! I hope everyone can find their own suitable tools to help them improve their performance!

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